"Many people can offer advice. But we’re the only ones who can provide a full range of services for every pump."

Christian Wittje

Our No. 1 objective is your complete satisfaction

Raise your expectations. Put us to the test: whether it’s service life, wearing parts or types of seal, we can deliver results that will meet your needs. Even if yours is a standard job, we don’t work “off-the-peg”. Every solution is customised and tailored to your specific needs.

One of our mottos is: no friction losses. Make use of our expertise for a one-stop solution for your complete system. From the pump to the coupling to the motor.

We’re your expert point of contact – also when it comes to cutting your number of interfaces to various service providers and suppliers. You decide how much of the work we take off you. You can rely on our experience and know-how.

One thing is clear: as a full-service provider, we offer you precisely that, a full service. Our day-to-day business is the inspection and repair of your equipment. Why not benefit from our comprehensive range of services? We invite you to get to know all we have to offer.

You can rely on us. If you have a problem, we’ll respond not only professionally, but also promptly. You’ll always find us willing to listen, even when the going gets tough. Our experts are used to responding immediately in every situation.

If your equipment has been in operation for a critical length of time, you should contact us. We’re experienced in the routine replacement of wearing parts. You can rely on the latest available technology and smooth service delivery.

A correct analysis is often the first and most important step towards assessing the existing situation and serves to professionally evaluate the condition of your equipment. We’ll check and analyse the vibration, load factor, energy efficiency, flow rate and other specifications of your equipment and then propose the best possible solution. Our experience enables us to quickly provide you with a competitively priced quotation tailored specifically to your needs.


Need a replacement pump? But you want to avoid changes to your existing foundation, piping and electrics? We’ll design a new pump to meet your precise requirements, and we’ll also be on hand to see things through to start-up of the new pump within your system. Give us your parameters – we’ll give you the solution.